Arthur Egeli

American Impressionism

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    "I'm drawn to sunset paintings because they are so abstract. All paintings compositions are abstract in nature, but in realistic works, the subject matter gets more attention, so we forget that what first drew us to the art was a subjective arrangement of line and color.

A Day at the Beach -- (click to enlarge)
A Day at the Beach (24 by 30)
    A sunset is as close as you get in nature to pure abstraction and thats why I'm drawn to them.

    A person who likes realistic paintings will often accept the most daring design and colors if they associated with a sunset. I paint all my sunsets from nature, letting the unfolding colors of the days end directly inspire the work. I'll paint as fast as I can and then stop.
    If the painting is successful, I'll frame it, otherwise, I'll just paint over it and try again. If I fuss with the completed work later, I usually just ruin it."
Arthur Egeli - Cape Cod 2007

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