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Mud posts

In 1899, Charles Hawthorne came to Provincetown and founded the Cape School of Art. He had a revolutionary method of teaching students - the Mudhead. Students were to paint from live models, in the bright sunlight on the beach. They were instructed to only paint the broad patterns of light and shade and not get caught up in the details. This way they were quickly taught two fundamentals of modern painting - the impact of a painting is in the broad shapes, not details and the sunlight effect is achieved through justaposition of these large color areas against one another another. From Hawthorne's humble school sprang masters of both abstract and realistic painting, from Norman Rockwell to Hans Hoffman, influencing generations of painters.

Considered just "student" work at time, the studies were thrown away. In 2005, during a renovation on Brewster Street where the school once sat, Jerome Crepeau discoved mudheads being used to re-inforce the walls of the building! They immediately became sought after by collectors and few from this first discovery are in the open market.

This year, in a building four houses away, a new group was discovered. Below are four pieces from the new find and now at the gallery. They are all pre-war, painted on compressed cardboard, and some of the best we have seen to date.

Recovered from the Walls of the Hawthorne Building

Girl in the Blue Dress
Girl in the Blue Dress - Anonymous (20 by 24) $6500
the Yellow dress
The Yellow Dress - Anonymous (20 by 24) $6500
Boy in a tank top
Boy in a Tank Top - Anonymous (20 by 22) $5500
Girl in Peach
Girl in Peach - Anonymous (20 by 24) $5500

Recovered from the Walls of the Cape Cod School of Art

Boy in a Hat
Mudhead Boy in a Hat - Anonymous (20 by 22) $6500
Girl om a red Bonnet
Mudhead Girl with a Red Bonnet - Anonymous (20 by 24) $8500
the Blue Hat
Mudhead The Blue Hat - Anonymous (16 by 20) $7500
boy in Blue
Mudhead Boy in Blue - Anonymous (20 by 24) $6500
boy Lenaing Back
Mudhead Boy Leaning Back - Anonymous (20 by 22) $8500

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Paintings recovered from the Cape Cod School of Art.
Mud heads reception at the Egeli Gallery in Provincetown.